Anthropology and Archaeology

Increasingly, scientists in this area are carrying out scans of priceless artifacts to create computer based records including virtual images.

At Morphotechnics we can use the scan data to produce a  physical reproduction of the object, that you can hold in your hands and use in the way the the original was once used.

Scan data can reveal the contents of ancient containers without ever opening them up. At Morphotechnics, we can produce a precise replica of the contents without ever seeing the original. This technology has been used to make replicas of Egyptian mummies without disturbing the wrapping materials of the original allowing scientists to reveal details which, previously, could only have been reveled by destroying the original .


Follow this link to see the Morphotechnics model pictured below in use .

This replica of an African Fossil was produced by Morphotechnics in June 2012 for use as a museum exhibit.

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