Medical Models

Turn your CT or MRI data into 3D models

This technology is already being used to support many types of procedure, including orthopaedic surgery, plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery.

This is a very young and fast moving technology and at Morphotechnics we are constantly looking for new ways to help both surgeons and patients.

Our highly detailed models can help you:

.make accurate diagnoses

This pelvis was damaged in a motorcycle accident. The model was made by Morphotechnics in July 2012

.accurately evaluate the patient’s anatomy

.reduce the chance of unexpected situations arising during surgery

.plan and optimise surgical procedures before entering the operating theatre

.improve communication between you your team and the patient

.prepare bespoke implants in the knowledge that they will fit accurately.

All of the above can dramatically reduce the time required in theatre. This has clear benefits for the patient as well as significant cost reduction.


The following link illustrates exactly what Morphotechnics can offer the medical profession. Please follow the link to gain a further insight.

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