Scientific Modelling

This process is ideal for the production of  physical representations of molecular models and other organic structures at a scale suitable for easy handling and visualisation.
As well as being aesthetically pleasing objects the models are very useful teaching tools particularly when the students are not familiar with this type of structure.
Mophotechnics is very proud to be associated with Vivomotion:

Vivomotion is a science animation production company, based in Dundee.  Bespoke services include –

  • 2D and 3D animated graphics for presentations/websites
  • Cover art for journals
  • Figures for papers/book chapters, graphical abstracts
  • Training workshops on visual presentation of science
  • Digital prints

Services can be used by: academics, biotech/pharmaceutical/medical device companies, science centres and schools.  We bring science to life!

Find out more about Vivomotion at



Chromonema Model
This model of a chromonema was produced by Morphotechnics for Vivomotion in January 2014.

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